Where to Further Read Simple, Resourceful Material About Crypto

Crypto is showing every indication that it is the future of the money market. This, in turn, is causing desperation in people who find the whole subject challenging to understand. This site has come in to bridge that gap by providing simplified and helpful information. Not just for beginners but for people who have been wading the murky crypto waters for a while.

In addition to what you read here, other resources offer helpful, easy-to-understand information about crypto.


Twitter is no less than a goldmine on real-time cryptocurrency information. The most prominent players in the market (think Elon Musk) are constantly sharing information that can give you important projections about the market. But, again, with just 240 characters, they are forced to break down this information to the simplest terms.

You will also find helpful threads that compile information from different sources. All you need to do is follow the correct accounts. Tweeps such as Crypto Chase, Blockster, Nina Crypto and Crypto Architect; you sign up for a daily dose of beneficial information. Even better about Twitter is that more relevant accounts start showing up on your feed once you follow the right people.


Investopedia has always been a great resource on matters of money and investment. They have well-researched features and sound advice for investors at all levels. They have evolved nicely in the era of crypto. Investment guidelines served to you without attempts to sound fancy; you will love to see it.

Business Insider

One thing about crypto, and money markets in general, is that any opportunity that arises needs to be taken up in a flash. Business Insider does that by supplying you with a constant feed of the latest news in the market. It wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that every intelligent investor reads the Business Insider. Moreover, it has excellent archives that you can use to analyse trends over time.


Some concepts, although easy, may not make sense when explained using words only. YouTube solves that problem by adding the visual aspect to crypto tutorials. Of course, finding the best YouTube channel is very much a matter of personal preference. Thus, a search is suggested over recommendations. Still, channels such as SimpliLearn, SciShow, Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five, The Internet of Money, and Crypto Professor are worth mentioning.

Start out from these and venture out towards endless possibilities!