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What Do You Choose – Plastic Or Virtual Card?

In this digital age, bitcoins are gaining tremendous popularity. This digital money was introduced to improve the financial condition and give people a sense of freedom. However, with the changing times, many people are finding it difficult to liquify this digital money.

Even though people trade bitcoins online, they aren’t given the liberty to use bitcoins like normal money. Hence, DS Exchange has initiated to provide a card system where they can store their bitcoins and use it for their purposes. In this way, people can liquify their bitcoins by buying assets and taking services. Hence, this investment would not be stagnant and can be used in many corporations.

We provide two kinds of cards – plastic and virtual cards. The plastic card will be given to the user and their bitcoins will automatically be transferred to this card. However, this can be confusing as you might wonder which type of card will suit your needs the best. If you are one of them, then there is nothing to worry as this article will inform you about the advantages of using these cards to give you a better understanding. Hence, depending on your needs, you can opt for the ideal card.

Our bitcoin debit cards give you the opportunity to top up your card with bitcoins and then use it for the required purposes. In this way, there is a standard inflow of bitcoins that will boost the digital currency and consumers will also have a system through which they can use it to buy goods and services.

With the help of plastic cards, you will be allowed to make payments both online and offline. On the other hand, the use of virtual cards would only permit you to make online payments. So, if you think you need a bitcoin-based debit card only to make online payments, then using a virtual card will be the perfect choice.

It’s also important to note that plastic cards have its own advantages where you can withdraw money from any ATM which is not possible when using virtual cards. This can be very helpful when you are traveling as you could get hard cash by using this bitcoin-based debit card. Moreover, if you are planning to study abroad or go on a long vacation, these debit cards can indeed be handy.

Additionally, there are numerous advantages associated with bitcoin debit cards when compared to usual credit/debit cards. For instance, you can transfer money instantly to another bank account using this card and this process is extremely user-friendly. You need not be tech-savvy to understand this procedure.

Moreover, with the use of bitcoin debit cards, you will be holding more than one currency including USD, GBP, and EURO. Furthermore, you can withdraw the currency you wish to have which is not possible in usual debit cards. So, if you are planning to register for a bitcoin debit card, DS Exchange provides several amenities that can help you liquify your bitcoins. We also have a bitcoin wallet in UK which can help in protecting your bitcoins through a private key. Get in touch with us and know more about our services!


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