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Lolli: Open A Bitcoin Wallet And Reap Rewards For Saving!

Even if the cryptocurrency is booming, there are still many people who don’t have access to Bitcoin wallets and its other storage devices. Many people are yet to know the benefits they could get from opening bitcoin wallets, such as that in cryptocurrency, you can save more with digitalised money. It’s easy and quick to spend too much if money is stored in your pocket or in your wallet.

However, a new project entitled ‘Lolli’ aims to inspire the general public to open a Bitcoin wallet in order to start saving money. By rewarding users for purchasing online via their crypto cash back system, Lolli promotes Bitcoin by repaying users who transact using the digital cash.

It may be similar to other online cash back services today, but Lolli’s been designed to attract and get more people interested in crypto.

Lolli is a rewards platform that provides users with BTC when they make a transaction at participating online retailers. The users will have to install a browser extension or start from Lolli’s webpage to know the shops offering crypto rewards. Each retailer has their own cash back rate which will be then rewarded into a Lolli wallet.

The rewards platform is developed by Alex Adelman through realising that more people should get into cryptocurrencies. Adelman thought that a great way to attract consumers is by rewarding them for their use.  The Lolli system views this as a ‘free gift’ they give to new users and for them to see that the Lolli reward currency is real Bitcoin.

With its rewards and loyalty programs, the Lolli rewards platform help those retailers who are looking for ways to engage potential customers with cryptocurrencies. The project is a good way to get people involved and promote them to finally open their Bitcoin wallets.

Many retailers have inhibitions whether to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method, but the Lolli rewards platform is much widely accepted by retailers. Additionally, the Lolli project enables retailers to connect with consumers around the technology and monitor the users’ different shopping behaviours and how these might change in the future. People might have a different shopping behaviour using cryptocurrency as compared to FIAT currency, a store of value that is harder to come by than ‘free or gifted’ cryptocurrency.

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